Why Earn Your PSA

Learn best practices for real estate pricing

Earning your Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification will give you the tools and confidence to complete a thorough analysis of the market and make pricing recommendations that are informed by the best available information and analysis.


Understand & Use Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs)

Learn the purpose and benefits of CMAs, how to identify and adjust comparables, and how to guide clients through them.

Hone Your Pricing Skills & Practices

Master the terminology of pricing and valuation, learn how to work with appraisers, and understand the role of supply and demand in pricing.

Learn About the Code of Ethics as It Relates To Pricing

Know how to fully comply with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics Articles and Standards of Practice regarding preparation of real property pricing opinions and client confidentiality.

Explore Specific Challenges & Making Adjustments in Special Situations

Adjust the values of selected comparables to develop an estimated price range for the subject property and avoid common adjustment challenges and errors.

Exclusive PSA benefits

Use of PSA logo and name

Listing in the PSA directory & differentiation on nar.realtor and realtor.com®

Customizable Marketing Materials & Press Release

Quarterly e-newsletter

Access to the PSA networking & referrals Facebook group

After the initial application fee is paid, there are no annual certification dues, although you must maintain membership in NAR to use PSA.